On the pretext of arranging public streets…the Houthi militia robbed the livelihood of citizens in Ibb this morning


Today, Tuesday, Ibb Governorate woke up to a surprise campaign launched by the Houthi militia in vegetable markets and the city’s streets, targeting all shops, stall owners and street vendors.

The correspondent of “Al-Mashhad Al-Yemeni” said that the Houthi coup militia, since the early morning hours, has removed and confiscated all the stalls and carts of street vendors scattered in several streets in Ibb Governorate, most notably the Jableh Junction, Taiz Street and Al-Aden Street.

Citizens said that today they were unable to find any vegetables or fruits in the streets of the governorate, after they were removed by the governorate’s municipality, in a surprising move for sellers and citizens at the same time, while sources in the governorate’s municipality confirmed that this measure comes within a plan targeting Arranging public streets to prevent congestion and road cuts.

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