One of the largest Dhamar tribes falls apart after the killing of one of their sons and the wounding of others at the hands of the Houthis


The Al-Hada tribes of the Dhamar governorate collapsed this morning, Thursday, to the Red Palm Valley in the Al-Hada District, to study how to respond to the Houthis, following the killing of one of the tribe’s members and the wounding of others, after the Houthi militia attempted to loot their land south of Sanaa.

Tribal sources told the Yemeni scene today, Thursday, that the men of the Al-Hada tribe flocked this morning to the Al-Nakhla Al-Hamra area in the Al-Hada district, as a result of the killing of Ali Nasser Muhammad Al-Khalli and the wounding of two of his cousins: Muhammad and Ali Al-Khali, after being shot by Houthi gunmen, which turned in the recent period. To a gang to loot the lands of citizens in their areas of control.

The sources added that the sons of Wadi al-Nakhla al-Hamra in al-Hada revealed to the tribe’s men and sheikhs the way one of their sons was killed and two others wounded in the Qaa al-Qaydi area, south of the capital, Sana’a, after the militia tried to demolish and loot their house.

The sources confirmed that Al-Hada tribesmen considered the killing of Ali Nasser Al-Khalili a black defect in accordance with tribal customs, demanding the Houthi militia to hand the killers over to the prosecution and implement the death sentence for them, because they killed Al-Khalili deliberately, insistence, surveillance and shot him after his arrest by the Houthi elements.

The Al-Hada tribe gave the Houthi militia 24 hours to arrest the killers, refer them to the prosecution, and arbitrate the families of the dead and wounded with one hundred and one automatic rifles, which are paid by the perpetrators of the black defect in accordance with tribal customs.

The attendees at the massive tribal meeting demanded that all the sons of Hadda call on their sons to return immediately from the fighting fronts in the ranks of the Houthi militia in order to defend their lands and honor, which the militia has been trying to plunder for more than a year and it has confiscated many of the lands of the tribesmen and other Yemeni tribes, which also demanded the same move according to For the urgent meeting held by the men and sheikhs of the Hadda tribe.

The Houthi militia is diluting dozens of murder cases without arresting the perpetrators, the latest of which was the killing of a member of the Bani Hashish tribe, which was preceded by murders against the sons of Hamdan, Arhab, Sanhan, Bilad al-Rus and Khawlan after the Houthi militia gave its members the green light to kill and protect them from punishment without caring about the sons of the Yemeni tribes, which The militia is trying to weaken it day after day.

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