One of them is Arab… The most powerful air force on the planet has been revealed


The Canadian portal of Aeroemploi has revealed the list of countries with the most powerful air force on Earth; According to what was reported by the media.

According to the portal, the US Air Force ranks first in the rating, and is armed with more than three thousand aircraft of various modifications. It also possesses the most technologically advanced and well-equipped combat aircraft in the world.

The Russian Air Force took second place in the list with 1,900 aircraft. It should be noted that over the past 30 years, Russia has managed to achieve significant progress in this field: the space forces are armed with fighters such as the Su-35 and Su-34. Moscow is also developing a project for a new generation of strategic missile-carrier “Promising Long-Range Aviation Complex”.

Chinese aviation closed the three most powerful air forces, which were formed thanks to the serious help of the USSR in 1949. The Russians trained the pilots of the People’s Liberation Army. Additionally, it was diluted in the battles of the Korean War (1950-1953), and is specified in the Articles. In the 1980s, the country’s Air Force faced various technological challenges, but it undertook deep reforms to become more efficient.

The list of the most important military aviation on the planet includes the Indian, Egyptian, Pakistani, Turkish and South Korean air forces. Germany, with a fleet of more than 400 aircraft, took 10th place in the ranking.

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