One of them is responsible for firing ballistic missiles…The killing of two prominent Houthi leaders (photos)


Military sources revealed that two prominent Houthi leaders were killed along with a number of their companions by the forces of the internationally recognized Yemeni government on the fighting fronts in Ma’rib Governorate.

The sources said that the brigadier general, Amin Dhaifallah al-Wadi, was killed along with dozens of his companions by government forces’ fire on the al-Kasara front, west of Ma’rib.

The source pointed out that the Houthi leader Al-Wadi is directly responsible for launching ballistic missiles.

In the same context, the Houthi leader, Haitham Turki Ahmed al-Qahoum, was also killed along with a number of his companions on the fighting fronts west of Marib.

It is worth noting that violent confrontations have erupted since yesterday evening and are continuing until now between government forces backed by the popular resistance and the Houthi militia “in the Ablah area, located between the Harib and Abdiya districts.”

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