Our heritage mined dynastic!


Yesterday I was researching a grammatical issue, and I went back to several references, and some of them referred me to Al-Kawwab Al-Dariah, an explanation of the complementary Ajurumiyyah, to Al-Ahdal.

So I read the introduction to the book, so what is in it is that prayer for the “family” is a right for them, whether they are righteous or not, of course, after stating that the family are the children of Hashim!

In this way, it is their right, even if they are infidels!

Of course, at the end of his speech, he denounced the one who neglects prayer for the family, and that he “left a great virtue and a great Sunnah,” according to his claim.

do not hide you:

That the family are the followers.

And that praying for them in the sense of praying for them.

And that the Qur’an did not provide only prayers for the Holy Prophet.

And that the claim that prayer is a right for the dynasty, even if they were the dawn of a claim destructive to the religion in its entirety, as there is no objection to the entry of the infidels in that.

It is not hidden from you that all these nonsense and allegations are mainly due to the plight of ghee and eggs and the love of domination over people, eating their money and ruling their necks. As for Islam, the Qur’an and the Sunnah, they are free from that.

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