In the field of football, the referee gives the two competitors five minutes at the end of the match called time instead of Al-Dhala, and these minutes are usually penalty kicks.

In Yemen, over the course of seven years of playing openly to restore the state, the Pro-American international government worked hard and sincerely to remove the republic and the stable, sovereign and united state from the stadium, and forcibly prevented the republic team from attacking and threatening the eastern and western gates of the stadium of the returning Imamate – Sana’a – and forcibly returned them and on Over three years to point defense of the goal.

The Pro-American referee does not want to end the match in Yemen with a short time limit, but rather goes to preserve this geography, which constitutes an Afro-Asian casting point for a long-term playing field for the international and regional open match, especially after Iran possesses the nuclear bomb and has turned it into a force that threatens the security of Israel, the most important for the referee of the match in the region.

Yemen is characterized by being an environment that is open to all international and regional players. Its internal inconsistencies constitute a counter-attraction to all overseas enthusiasts, even the educated ones, and those who are not good at shooting the ball can achieve their hobbies in Yemen, without being blamed for the failure of wrong experiences.

Next to that, Yemen is located at the entrance gate to the Diwan of the Old World with its three rooms, which is a stadium with multiple entrances. Basic teams and hobbyists can enter the stadium without the need for prior permission, or to reserve tickets.

Another advantage of this piece of geography over others is that its people become, in the blink of an eye, fans of the parties to the game, enthusiastic about them with distinction, and they are divided automatically according to the playing teams, which encourages new players to crowd out to search for fans like others.

The Pro-American referee wants to prolong the international game in Yemen, perhaps for a generation to come, in anticipation of the results of the conflict of the poles of international competition on the western and eastern banks, to stand at the crossroads of the southern gate of the world.

In order for Yemen to remain an open stadium for the next generation, the pro-American international referee goes to the idea of ​​dividing the Yemeni stadium between four local teams that form the hollow extension of the regional and international teams, provided that each team makes a goal, separating borders, protection forces, and an external sponsor.

This idea of ​​partition is no longer a hypothesis as presented by Kerry in 2017, but has become a solution that has been deceived by even Yemenis who call themselves political elites, as long as they cannot reach Sanaa and restore the state, and as long as the Houthi militia and Iran are still threatening their goal in Ma’rib, Mocha, Taiz and Aden They must accept the idea of ​​partition as a solution that preserves their survival, regardless of the homeland, the state, and republican gains, the future of generations.

Unfortunately, some people are promoting the idea of ​​partition that the American international government proposes, and say – out of ignorance – what is the difference between the same federalism and the federal state that was proposed in the national dialogue and included in the outputs, we just turn into a confederation!

This is the result of ignorance and cartoon elites. They cannot distinguish between a single sovereign federal state, and the imposition of the external division of Yemen as small states under mandate and trusteeship, with which Yemen’s identity, unity, stability and sovereignty disappear forever.

The ruling plan two years ago was to hand over Ma’rib to the Iranian Houthi Imamate team, and allow it to reach Aden again, to create sufficient Shiite justifications for the partition hypothesis, but Ma’rib refused to do anything but preserve the republic, unity and national constants, and shed its blood as a price for that and still, and triumphed for the will of the people Alone, believing that behind her is a great people who will conquer all conspiracies.

In the last moments and before the referee whistles, and announces the results of the local match, he gives a few minutes as overtime, to draw the boundaries of the separating goal for each team, absorb the anger of the Yemeni people, and beautify the face of the international referee, by restoring blame and failure to the Yemeni parties opposing the Iranian Houthi militia, and that they It could not use the green light to liberate Yemen, end the coup, and restore Sanaa.

The steadfastness of Marib and its breaking of the cosmic conspiracy and the defeat of the Iranian Houthi terrorist militia at its gates is the greatest gain achieved by the free will of the Yemeni people until this moment.

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