“Parliamentarians” in Tunisia are heading towards an escalation against the President of the Republic


A number of Tunisian parliament deputies and the Constituent Assembly are heading to escalate against President Kais Saied, by carrying out a protest movement in front of the parliament headquarters, and pushing in the context of holding a public session and discussing the procedures for his removal; According to what was reported by “Erm News”.

A number of deputies expressed their rejection of what they called “Qais Said’s unilateral power,” noting that “he should be dismissed if he does not back down from violating the constitution,” they said.

In parallel, deputies to the National Constituent Assembly, which drafted the Tunisian constitution for 2014, intend to carry out a protest movement in front of the parliament headquarters in Bardo Square, the capital, Tunis.

The deputy of the National Constituent Assembly, Naguib Hosni, said in a statement to “Erm News” that “the parliament’s deputies will carry out a protest sit-in in front of the parliament headquarters, next Saturday.”

Hosni added that “the deputies of the Constituent Assembly want to express their opposition to canceling the constitution, which they have been editing for three years day and night,” as he put it.

In turn, Deputy Parliament, Iyad Al-Loumi, considered that “President Qais Saeed committed a crime in violating the constitution, and resorted to “heraldry” and interference in the military judiciary to try civilians.

Al-Loumi added, in a statement to “Erm News”, that “President Saeed has a choice between resignation or removal and trial,” noting that “gathering the powers in the hands of one person is an entry point to corruption.”

For his part, the resigned leader of the Islamic “Ennahda” movement, Abdel Latif al-Makki, said that “members of the People’s Assembly must move politically and legally, and activate parliament.”

Al-Makki added, in a media statement, that “after the success of the demonstrations against Qais Saeed, negativity and all partisan differences must be overcome in defense of the constitution.”

And political forces opposed to the decisions of Tunisian President Kais Saied announced, today, Tuesday, the formation of the “Coordination of Democratic Forces”, which includes those who reject the exceptional measures taken by the President of the Republic, and their repercussions.

In a press conference in Tunis, to present the coordination, the Secretary-General of the Democratic Current Party, Ghazi Chaouachi, said that the President of the Republic “left the state in a state of complete neglect, and its institutions in a state of complete stagnation, without taking into account the deteriorating social situation.”

It is worth noting that Tunisian President Kais Saied decided on July 25, 2021 to freeze parliament and lift the immunity of parliamentarians. On September 22, he issued a presidential order that enables him to exercise executive power and expand the exercise of legislative power.

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