Parliamentarians in Yemen. Adal hazelnut, on demand?!


How painful it is to find some or a group or many members of the Yemeni parliament moving from one country to another and from one place to another at the request of some to hold meetings and attend meetings here and there, not for the sake of Yemen, but for the sake of special interests, except for those who have the mercy of God.
We find them on demand in the place to which they are called.
If they asked for Riyadh, they responded without delay, and they called for the Emirates, they ran without delay, and if they directed them to visit the coast, they moved.
And in every place where Yemeni parliamentarians are present, we find that they have no influence and no role except for those who have mercy on God, have mercy on himself, and have mercy on his conscience.

I say it frankly and most of the members are my friends.
Unfortunately, you have become (just a frame) that some people use to beautify their photos and to implement their projects only.
And whoever wants to pass his project or idea or to show others his strength, he said bring members of Parliament and some personalities and dignitaries so that others know our size and position.
He then gives them some rewards and covers travel and accommodation costs.
As soon as the birth is over, the news is spread, and the goal for which you were called is achieved, you will return to your exile and your usual sleep.
And you are only being exploited to achieve various goals.

By God, if any of you were just an ordinary citizen, would he be invited and followed up to attend and participate?!
Definitely not and a thousand no.
They will not look at you because you are just ordinary citizens.
And each of you should really ask himself: Was I invited and requested in my name or in my capacity, position and influence?!
By God, they only follow you by exploiting your official and societal attributes, not your personal names.
Do not make of yourselves like (the nut of justice) for a goat and a bear who used it to achieve his goal and then threw it in the trash.
Wake up and know that you are too old to be used as a tool in the hands of this and that.

Then for God’s sake..
Have you asked yourselves what you have achieved for the country and the people, especially in this fateful battle?!
Do not be upset or upset with my words.
We are in a stage that requires disclosure and telling the truth.
Review yourselves and tell us, what have you really done?!
And where are you from what is happening in your circles and on the battlefronts and on the various fronts, politically, economically, in the media and on the human rights?!
Ask yourselves before you rush to answer me.
Think with patriotic minds and honest and sincere consciences before you are tempted by nervousness and rush to respond.

I’m back again..
And I say it honestly to some of you, and it is to everyone as well.
We only find you when others ask you to come to them to implement their own agendas or the agendas of the sponsor and funder.
Unfortunately, you have no agendas.
Your situation has settled by staying abroad, and your concern is to cover the expenses and costs of living and others for you and your family only.
You have been surrounded to become mere obedient executors of what is asked of you.
Whereas, if one of you moved, he would be a leader, not a follower, led by this and that.
You are leaders, not followers, used by others as they want.
Do you realize who you are, what your role is, and what your value is, or do some of you need educational courses about your position and role?!

May Allah guide you and fill your minds.
One of you is a nation and represents a large nation, so do not be less than yourselves.
You are the ones who should preside over meetings, prepare plans, mobilize people, move and direct, not the other way around.
Why did you become so weak and weak?!
Some people are only looking for rewards and gratuities.
And when we see the pictures of some people on television or in some media and social media in those meetings, and we look into their eyes, and there is a degree of submission and refraction that breaks everyone’s mind, we say God suffices us and He is the best agent. Are these the people who represent the people?!
In the past, you used to walk with your heads raised, in convoys of cars and escorts, and your voices rumbled in Parliament Hall and everywhere, and today you have become followers of this and that and everyone who summoned you.
Oh God, how were you and how did you become?!

Go back to your senses and regain your prestige and prestige.
They moved for the country, not for individuals, parties, and families, and they played the role of parliament.
And if there are financial obstacles or some are in financial difficulty, then by God, let us work to open the door for donations and form a fund to support parliamentarians, and not to be exploited in this way that humiliates you and us, as you represent the people.
And they know..
It is you who should summon others, not be summoned.
It is you who should move everyone, not the other way around.
Have you forgotten your constitutional and legal powers?!

They returned to Parliament its position and prestige, and regained your prestige and prestige.
You are responsible before anyone else.
And for the sake of God and His Messenger, and for the sake of the republic and democracy, do not be parliamentarians under demand, whatever the reasons
And whoever wants you, let him come to you, not that you go to him humbly.
And finally, greetings to all the honest and free people who overcame the interest of the nation and the people over other interests.
(A sincere message, and for the rest of the talk..)

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