Patience .. the family of Yasser Al-Awadi!


The departure of people, no matter how close you are to them, may not equal the loss of an entire homeland, with all the identity, meaning, family and home that the homeland meant for you.

However, the loss of a young man like Yasser Al-Awadi, who was born (a man) is the loss of some of the last men left in the homeland, and the homeland remained in them.

I have known Yasser since his childhood when his father was the governor of Dhamar Governorate, and I have since realized that this young man, who emerged from the staunch republican man, will surpass in his extraordinary intelligence those of his age from all the sheikhs of the Awad family, heroes and poets.. This is what I once told my cousins ​​friends.

Indeed, few years passed until the star of Yasser rose to prominence, and soon he was able to weave a special friendship and business relationship with the late president of the country, Ali Abdullah Saleh, not on the basis of the latter’s relationship with his father, but against the background of what Saleh found in Yasser’s brilliance, wit, and sound opinion.

Abu Rami used to call me (my beloved father) and (my dear father) and to his constant intimate question about the conditions of (his father Anwar) in exile. Only .. and he succeeded in that, and during the last years of Saleh, he and Aref Al-Zoka and another person (I will not mention his name for security reasons) served as the link with Saleh .. They provide me with many leaks and information, what works and what does not work, and I dealt with them as I deal with the rest of the other political forces!

In the first Yemeni peace consultations in Geneva, Switzerland, Yasser quickly got up from among his conference and Houthi gatherings. Among them were Mahdi Al-Mashat and Hassan Zaid.. He hugged me warmly and said in a loud voice to reach them, “I convey to you from Yemen greetings of people, trees and stones, the whole country is longing for you, my father. “.

During those days of consultations, Yasser was present in their deliberations and his good looks in the international media, but most importantly for me, I noticed the great care he was giving to his friend at the time (Mahdi Al-Mashat) and when I asked him about the reason for this, he said, “These are the leader’s directives.” Perhaps this means The alliance of the conference with the Houthis at that stage was serious and real, even if they appeared as two independent teams before the government delegation.

And when the hour of truth came, and the two parties (the conference and the Houthis) separated, Yasser, like other clever sheikhs of the country, had a sensitive gold scale to measure matters and imagine the ends, so he decided to leave Sanaa before Saleh left!

He did this to save what could be saved from the leaders of the conference, indifferent to the rumors that tried to undermine his courage and loyalty to his ally (the leader), who might have been late in hearing the advice of Yasser and others, and finally found himself alone and besieged!

I imagine that Abu Rami has matured a lot during the last few years, after his ally Saleh lost power and then life as well, and his awareness of the absurdity of fates, the betrayals of some tribes and political games, and the betrayal of many people, has increased.

Our long conversations and numerous correspondences, and his warm poems, burdened me with pain, fear of him, and fear for a distinguished politician who had much that he could do to serve his country. His experience ended before it was completed, but his consolation is that he was completed despite his early departure with a clear, courageous and transparent patriotic political stance.

Farewell, dear Yasser!

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