“Playtime is over” .. Houthi militia: “Al-Islah” has one last chance in overtime


The Houthi coup militia said that there is a last chance for the Yemeni Congregation for Reform to get out with minimal losses, in conjunction with the advance of the Houthi militias on the fighting fronts south of Ma’rib Governorate.

Abdul-Malik al-Ajri, a member of the Houthi political bureau, said:
“We do not like to recover from reform if it were not for the efforts we made with them, and the intervention of reformist and non-reformist figures who warn them of a regional conspiracy that presents them as scapegoats.”

He added: “The Islah leadership thought that it would be smarter than everyone, and would play on all sides, and they were not honest with the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia, nor with their friends.”

The Houthi leader concluded his tweet by saying: “Now Al-Islah has a last chance in overtime to get out with the least losses…the playing time in all stadiums has ended.”

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