Political analyst Al-Zaatara: Marib is in the worst stage…and reveals decisive Iranian directives to the Houthis


The writer and political analyst, Yasser Al-Zaatrah, said on Tuesday evening that Ma’rib Governorate is experiencing the worst targeting by the Houthi militia.

And he said in a tweet via Twitter, monitored by “The Yemeni Scene”, that the Iranian directives to the Houthi coup militia require the resolution of the battle in Marib, to impose the coup as a fact that there is no hope to change with any settlement.

Al-Zaatrah explained that Iran is seeking, through its agenda (the Houthi coup militia), to impose itself through the balance of power on the ground.

The writer and political analyst stressed the need to support the defenders of the city of Marib, and to open other fronts with the putschists, as it is an absolute necessity to protect Marib from falling into the hands of the Houthi coup militia.

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