Positions and words that establish a new alignment


The necessity of restoring alignment in the face of Iran’s project in Yemen

Sultan, Tariq, Aidarous.

Leaders who have on the ground a military, political and societal support.

They differ in many positions, but they are all aware of the danger of the Imamate project and stand in one trench against this project.

All Yemenis heard and heard Sheikh Sultan Al-Arada’s speech after the meeting of the security committee in the governorate of Marib.. It was a great speech that put many points on letters and addressed all parties inside and outside with responsibility and fairness, their responsibilities and the importance of unity and position in the face of the Iranian project in Yemen.

And before that, I and others heard the speech of Brigadier General Tariq Saleh.. It was an important speech inspired by national responsibility, it removed any ambiguity in his position on legitimacy, opened doors with all parties, and raised the ceiling of national discourse in a very important and distinguishing moment.

We also followed the reactions of the Transitional Council, the government, and all Yemeni parties in a positive and harmonious manner, despite all the challenges in the relationship between them.. We hope that these positions and words will turn into actions and restore the moment of alignment that was great after the 2015 coup. A tripartite national summit between the three leaders in Aden or Marib with a national and political cover of legitimacy, government and political forces to integrate power and organize the battle..

In my estimation, the Riyadh Agreement is minus one, and the partnership government represents the basis for this alignment in the battle to reach in the future a general national conference that will resolve national issues. This first.

Secondly, we, the Yemenis, work with a double national effort to restore the momentum of the Arab coalition, particularly the role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, which we have offended a lot, and they share with us everything, including blood, as Sheikh Sultan Al-Arada mentioned, regardless of where we erred or where they erred.

The battle in Yemen is a regional and international battle that determines the course and fate of the conflict in the region.. We Yemenis do not have the illusion that we can fight it without allies, let alone that the allies will be your brothers and partners in fate and targets like you..and our brothers in the coalition do not have the illusion that they will save themselves from the Persian project that Raidhm from all directions, even after a while.

My call for everyone to realize the moment and go towards unity, the position, the gun, and the overcoming of differences, and to return to the starting square of the Decisive Storm launched by King Salman with that great Arab momentum in the face of the dangerous Persian project.

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