Positive statements by the Omani Foreign Ministry regarding a comprehensive and permanent ceasefire in Yemen


Omani Foreign Minister Badr bin Hamad Al Busaidi affirmed that the Sultanate is focusing on ending the war in Yemen.

Al-Busaidi said before the United Nations General Assembly that Muscat continues “its tireless efforts and work with Saudi Arabia, the United Nations, UN envoys, the United States and all concerned Yemeni parties in order to end the war, through a comprehensive and lasting ceasefire.”

The Omani minister added that the ceasefire should push all parties to a “full resumption” of humanitarian efforts “and provide for the needs of our brothers in Yemen, especially in the areas of medicine, health care, food, fuel and housing.”

Al-Busaidi said that Oman “adds its voice to all those who believe in a comprehensive political settlement of the existing crisis in a way that restores stability to Yemen and preserves the security of the countries of the region.”

He touched on regional security, and referred to the results of the Al-Ula summit last year, stressing that the Sultanate “welcomed and supported the positive developments that resulted from the summit held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

Speaking on the issue of regional security, Al-Busaidi continued, expressing Oman’s hope that the Vienna talks on the Iranian nuclear program would lead to the desired consensus among all parties, because we firmly believe that this would be in the interest of the region and the world.

After his comments on Iran and its nuclear program, the foreign minister noted the need to “ensure freedom of navigation” in order to “promote opportunities for economic growth.”

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