Potatoes with meat and coffee with milk… Experts warn against mixing foods and reveal the consequences


Nutrition experts talked about the dangers of mixing traditional and usual foods, and how it can cause discomfort to the human body.

Experts stated that an unhealthy diet can lead to unhealthy consequences, noting that it may not occur to many that eating meat with potatoes with tomatoes and cucumbers, and drinking coffee with milk during that, can be harmful to the digestion process. But nevertheless, many people feel discomfort after eating such food, and they experience disturbances in the work of the digestive system precisely due to the incompatibility of some usual dishes or their components. ”

And they continued: “The stomach of many people cannot tolerate meat with potatoes or pasta, and there is a reason for this: meat is digested in the stomach, and starchy foods are digested mainly in the intestine.” And for some, there is an incompatibility between tomatoes and cucumbers, so it is not permissible They overeat tomato salad with cucumber, even though others eat it, and they feel satisfied.

And nutritionists advised against drinking a lot of coffee with milk due to the properties of the chemical composition of these two products, and said, “If you drink one cup, nothing disturbing will happen. But during drinking large quantities, it will make coffee, as well as heavy tea, bind to milk proteins, and this will complicate the digestion process. “.

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