President Hadi’s response to Turkey on the intervention in Yemen!


Turkey had no approach or appeal to the Yemeni crisis, which sparked curiosity among some, blame on others, and relief for those who remained.
Why does Turkey change its interventionist, reformist policy in the crises of the countries of the region when it comes to Yemen?

The Turkish position on the Yemeni war is clear, with the need to find a solution that guarantees stopping the battles and preserving Yemeni blood, and it has taken serious moves in this regard, by sending several diplomatic missions to President Hadi, to solve the problem of Yemen, bring the parties together at the table of real peace, and present practical plans.

Hadi’s answer to the Turkish delegations was only one and repeated each time, that the Yemeni file is in the hands of Saudi Arabia, and no one has the right to act without understanding and direct cooperation with the Kingdom.

The Turkish decision was to slow down the Yemeni file, and to limit it to sending some humanitarian aid, media and political support; To avoid aggravating the crisis and entering into regional conflicts with those who control the Yemeni file.

Turkey is a country that knows well the seriousness and complexities of the Yemeni crisis, and it will not interfere in it unless it possesses sufficient space and freedom to reach effective solutions. It will also not enter Yemen without an official authorization, and it will not be a militia builder, or a source of support for sub-projects as others did.

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