Prime Minister “Moeen Abdul Malik” addresses the governor of Shabwa regarding the dispute with the UAE..and sends a message to Tariq Saleh


Prime Minister Maeen Abdul-Malik has warned of a Houthi expansionist scheme that seeks to control Yemen, coinciding with the economic collapse the country is witnessing.

Abdul-Malik said, during his meeting with the leadership of the local authority in Shabwa governorate, that Al-Houthi seeks to control the governorate for its wealth, and the ranks must be united to confront it.

He added: We must stop the side battles that exhausted everyone, including disputes with some coalition countries, in reference to the demand of the Governor of Shabwa, Muhammad Saleh bin Adyo, to vacate the Balhaf invading facility from the Emirati forces.

He pointed out that the fate of the battle of Shabwa will determine the fate of the country for dozens of years, either freedom and equality or a system of slavery… stressing that “Bayhan’s loss is painful and we have no consolation in any inch we lose, and we do not lose any martyr except with the restoration of Bayhan and the restoration of Sana’a, people are now beginning to know what it means 26 September in the south before the north.

Moein sent a message to the Southern Transitional Council and Tariq Saleh’s forces, asking them to unite ranks and efforts to confront the Houthi militia.

The Prime Minister indicated that the government is facing a difficult test, stressing the need to bypass it by all means and methods.. Pointing to the rise in the exchange rate and the collapse of the national currency.

The prime minister had visited Shabwa governorate for the first time since assuming his position years ago. During the visit, he met the governor of the governorate, Muhammad Saleh bin Adyo, and military and security leaders, coinciding with the intensification of battles in Baihan, Usaylan and Ain district.

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