project to die


All that the terrorist Houthi group is doing is that it is running a death project.

That is the occupation of the gangs that dare to take over the state as an entity for life. There is no work for the Houthi group today except to kill and sow death in all aspects of life.

– You are killed on the battlefront, and you are killed in the cities using ballistic missiles and drones that you put in the hands of bloodthirsty, all their qualifications is murder and bloodshed.

– They are killed by terrorist means and tools…explosions, time bombs and sticky notes, assassinations that are diversified by diversifying them through foreign expertise that has a long experience in this type of death means and tools.

– She is killed by the judiciary, which is employed by a tall plot to expand the cycle of death, where wholesale executions are one of the forms of this terrible project that works to dry up life in every corner of Yemen.

It is killed by siege, starvation, looting of economic facilities, imposing royalties and confiscating humanitarian aid, and practicing smuggling on a large scale, refraining from paying salaries and wages, and striking the national currency through secret speculations in which billions of riyals are used, which accumulate in its hands from tax revenues, communications and customs and the sale of humanitarian aid And other revenues from the institutions that they control, to buy hard currency at fantastic prices from the markets of the liberated areas by brokers who use them for this purpose in the most cruel death project for people.

– Employing swindlers, counterfeiters and corrupt people in media campaigns against their opponents by practicing the most heinous methods of forgery, fictitious recordings and media fabrication, and in this way it embodies the real content of its project whose elements are complete as a project to kill life with its material and moral elements.

Al-Houthi is a center for gathering terrorists, murderers, swindlers, counterfeiters, corrupt people, miscreants, smugglers and black market dealers to recruit in the death project… the death of Yemen.

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