Protests rise in Taiz, and a general strike paralyzes the city’s movement


The pace of popular protests, condemning the collapse of the local currency and the deterioration of the economic situation, increased in Taiz Governorate (in the center of the country).
Local sources said that the people of Taiz announced today, Monday, a comprehensive strike and widespread civil disobedience, as part of their protests against the deterioration of services and the collapse of the economic situation in the country.
According to the sources, the calls for strike and civil disobedience received a wide response from the people of the province, on its first day.
At the same time, there were widespread popular demonstrations that roamed the streets of the city of Taiz to denounce the collapse of the Yemeni riyal price against foreign currencies, and the deterioration of the economic situation in general.
In the demonstrations, protesters removed pictures of President Hadi and his deputy from the streets and public facilities, which called on security forces to fire live bullets in the air and towards the demonstrators.
One of the demonstrators was killed as a result of shooting, and others were injured, this morning, Monday, as a result of shooting by security forces.

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