Qiya of the Southern Transitional Council attacks the council and accuses it of racism


A leader in the Southern Transitional Council launched an attack on the Southern Transitional Council, speaking of the regionalism in Aden.

Brigadier General Khaled Al-Nassi stressed that the current regime in Aden is not much different from the regime of “Saleh.”

Al-Nassi described the situation in Aden as difficult and complicated, likening it to the scene that was in force after the 94 summer war.

Al-Nassi indicated – in a tweet on his Twitter account – that the current regime in Aden is not much different from the one that was in place after the war in the south by the regime of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh more than two decades ago.

He explained that the favoritism practiced by the “Saleh” regime in the south deprived many of their rights, as southerners did not obtain a military course, a civilian job, or a scholarship except through the mediation of an official or leader in that regime.

Al-Nassi confirmed that this situation is being repeated today in Aden with the same motives, where southerners can only obtain their rights through the mediation of a leader or official from Al-Dhale’e or Yafe’.

The statements of the political analyst “Khaled Al-Nassi” were criticized by supporters of the Transitional Council, who accused him of spreading strife between the southerners and splitting the ranks.

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