Qualitative victories on the outskirts of Marib… and the spread of battles to “Al-Rawdah”


Today, Saturday, the forces of the National Army and the Popular Resistance managed to liberate a number of sites, following a qualitative attack against the Houthi militia, south of Marib.

Field sources said that the army and resistance forces launched a lightning attack on militia positions on the Wadi Dhanna front, this morning, Saturday.

The sources confirmed that the attack resulted in the liberation of a number of sites, the most important of which are the village of al-Rawda and Tabat al-Khazan, after a previous announcement by the militias that they had taken control of them.

The sources indicated that the battles during the past hours resulted in the killing, wounding and capturing of dozens of Houthi militia members.

This comes after Houthi infiltration attempts on the fronts in the south of the governorate, where the army forces thwarted a number of attempts on the fronts of Dhanna, Juba and Umm Rish, during the past hours.

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