Raiding a liquor factory run by expatriate workers in Makkah Al-Mukarramah


The Capital Municipality, in the Makkah region of Saudi Arabia, with the participation of the security authorities, was able to raid a liquor factory run by expatriate workers in violation of the residence and work regulations. According to the newspaper “Okaz”.
The Municipality of the Holy City clarified that “one of the restrooms was monitored in the Rashidiya neighborhood, and after the raid on the site, the security authorities arrested the workers operating on it, while the Municipality destroyed 3,470 liters of liquor and 8 bags of sugar, and also confiscated the tools used in the manufacturing process and worked to purify the site according to sanitary procedures followed.
The secretariat stressed that it “addresses, in cooperation with the security authorities, all negative practices, and follows up all violations through its field inspection inspection rounds in order to preserve the safety of society.”

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