“Random and Chaos” .. Revealing for the first time the unexpected position of “Tariq Saleh” on the sudden withdrawal from Hodeidah


Arab reports revealed the position of the leader of the National Resistance, head of the Political Bureau, Tariq Muhammad Abdullah Saleh, regarding the withdrawal of the joint forces in Hodeidah Governorate (west of Yemen).

Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper quoted unnamed sources close to Tariq Saleh as saying that the latter “did not direct or receive any orders to withdraw from the Hodeidah governorate.”

The sources pointed out that “Tariq described the sudden withdrawal of the joint forces from Hodeidah governorate as random” and that it was characterized by “total chaos” without indicating the reasons for that.

Al-Quds Al-Arabi quoted unnamed local Yemeni sources as saying that “a complete chaos left by the sudden military withdrawals by the joint forces from Hodeidah Governorate and its affiliated villages, which were characterized by randomness and lack of coordination with local fighters from the residents of those areas supporting the joint forces without military cover or support.” with weapons.”
The sources added: “Unfortunately, the joint forces pushed the residents of Hodeidah Governorate towards an unknown fate, facing their death in front of the Houthi hordes that pounced on them like predatory beasts as a result of the population’s support for the joint forces during the past three years, as the Houthi militia carried out mass arrests yesterday indiscriminately without regard to age or to the humanitarian situation.
She pointed out that “the Houthis committed all taboos against the residents of Hodeidah areas and arrested the elderly, children and women, without regard to religious, moral or humanitarian motives, and they disregarded all international laws and treaties related to the rules and laws of war during the armed conflict.”
She explained that many residents of the areas and villages of Hodeidah governorate, in which the joint forces were stationed, “were forced to flee south to distant villages from those areas in alignment with Taiz governorate, to escape the hell of the Houthis and the abuse that awaits them from their militias.”

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