Ranked one of the most geniuses in the world .. Saudi Arabia grants the Yemeni scientist “Manahil Thabet” her nationality


The Saudi government, which specializes in digital technologies, granted Yemeni scientist Manhel Abdul Rahman Thabet Saudi citizenship; For its excellence in financial engineering, mathematics and quantitative relations.
A royal order has been issued to grant Saudi citizenship to a number of distinguished people with rare qualifications, expertise and specializations. With the aim of opening the door to naturalizing legal, medical, scientific, cultural, sports and technical competencies, in a way that contributes to promoting the wheel of development and benefits the Kingdom in various fields.
The list of those who obtained Saudi citizenship included a number of prominent names, including: “Manahil Abdul Rahman Thabet, who specializes in digital technologies, and was granted citizenship in return for her excellence in financial engineering, mathematics and quantitative relations.”
The list also included the expert in digital technologies, Asif Sajid, who has held many leadership positions in consulting and financial services companies, and contributed to the formation of strategic programs for a number of government agencies.
The citizenship was also granted to the financial expert Ihab Khalil, who is an expert in the field of closed-end stocks and corporate finance, investment strategies, and evaluating and structuring investments.

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