Regarding the decisive battle… a tripartite national summit in Marib brings together “Al-Arada”, “Tariq Saleh” and “Al-Zubaidi”


Major General Hussein Al-Aji Al-Awadi, the former governor of Al-Jawf Governorate, expressed his optimism for transforming the positive harmony between the Yemeni parties in words into deeds.

In an article he posted on his Facebook page, he said, “The Yemeni Scene” showed it, “We hope that these attitudes and words will turn into actions and restore the moment of alignment that was great after the 2015 coup.” In reference to the positive responses from Tariq Saleh, Al-Arada, the Transitional Council and the Yemeni government to speeches at the beginning of the week.

He praised the positive and harmonious responses from the Transitional Council, the government, and all Yemeni parties, despite all the challenges in their relationship.

He pointed out that this will be embodied through communication and meeting in a tripartite national summit between the three leaders in Aden or Marib, with a national and political cover of legitimacy, government and political forces to integrate power and organize the battle.

He pointed out that the Riyadh Agreement is minus one and the partnership government represents the basis for this alignment in the battle to reach in the future a general national conference that will resolve national issues.

This comes in conjunction with assurances that the decisive battle to restore the Republic will begin soon, amid wide reactions regarding the redeployment of the joint forces on the West Coast, which carry with all the national forces on all fronts the banner of the Republic and Pan-Arabism.

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