Remarkable improvement .. The Central Bank announces a new price for the dollar and the Saudi riyal


The Central Bank of Yemen, in the temporary capital, Aden, issued a new and low price for the exchange rates of the Yemeni riyal, against the dollar and the Saudi riyal, this morning, Wednesday, compared to the price of yesterday, Tuesday.

The price of the dollar fell, after its rise yesterday to 1511, according to the pricing of the Central Bank, and the price of the Yemeni riyal improved against the Saudi after its price was set yesterday at 398 riyals.

The central bank rate was as follows:

Exchange rates in Aden:
U.S. dollar
Buy: 1476
Sale: 1480

Saudi riyal
Buy: 388
Sale: 389

The exchange rate in Sana’a also remained stable, as usual, as last night was as follows:

Saudi riyal

Buy: 158.5- 158
Selling 158.6 – 158.7

U.S. dollar:

Buy: 600 – 602
Sale: 605-606

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