Repeating Imran’s scenario to bring down a new province… A Yemeni diplomat warns of a scheme that will bring Yemen into a pool of blood!!


A former Yemeni diplomat warned that Yemen would fall into a lake of blood, due to the repetition of Amran’s scenario to overthrow a new governorate.

The former Yemeni ambassador to Syria, Abd al-Wahhab Tawaf, said: “One day, the Houthi militias fought against Omran, justifying the corruption of Governor Dammaj, and al-Qushaibi’s subordination to reform, so they took the matter, and then headed to Sana’a, so that Yemen would fall in a sea of ​​blood.”

Tawaf added: “Today the story is repeated. They gather around Shabwa, not for the sake of Al-Houthi, but for the governor’s corruption and his subordination to reform, but the goal is Marib and the oil fields, and after Marib, all the governorates of Yemen will fall again in a lake of blood.”

He pointed out that “the painful thing today is that the tools used are affiliated with the camp opposed to the Iranian project, but they implement the agendas of that project, even if they are in Arab dirhams,” as he put it.

Yesterday, Tuesday, a tribal meeting, in Shabwa governorate, called for the overthrow of the governor, Muhammad Saleh bin Adyo, and the reformation of the local authority and the distribution of its wealth, in order to unite to defeat the Houthi militia, according to a statement issued by the meeting, whose results the Transitional Council announced.

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