What happened on the coast is the height of absurdity, no intelligence in the matter, but blatant political nihilism, farce at the height of its manifestations. The leader of the game about all the winnings, so suddenly and with a mood that is not justifiable, not even explainable.

Nabil Al-Sufi says: “This is a liberation of our national battle from the shackles of the agreement.” Nabil Al-Sufi is a policy maker on the coast or one of its aspects. What is the liberation of the battle by giving up the land, what is the loss of a tactical victory. Was it not possible to reactivate the force in the coast without compromising the gains? What cleverness is this only embodied in this stupid “repositioning” way?

“Repositioning” is a term that does not explain anything. As usual, the military mind coins its terms in a way that does not give you a clear indication. But the public is not required to return to the dictionaries of the military in order to understand what the Sahel General means when he talks about “positioning.” It is a dull justification cover for every setback, this is how people understand it.

They will tell you: You do not understand the plans of the military, and that the matter includes war dimensions required to reform the general direction of the field force, and give it a wide range of movement. These are necessary measures to get rid of the restrictions of reality. They will try to mislead you, that there is a plan of some kind, as if it is a complex physics equation, and difficult for you to break it.

In fact, all this is an attempt to clever you, and as usual human nature and liquid logic, everything is justifiable when man lacks integrity, and even the most disastrous policies throughout history, were justifiable and there are enough tricks to do so.

As for Kamel Al-Khoudani – who is the wisest of them by the way – but he went furious on Twitter, against everyone who commented on the event, saying: No one deserves to be clarified, and reminds them of their failure and grudges. A person does not get angry when he has an argument. The energy that anger requires is enormous, and he does not need a quarter of it to explain his topic calmly.. You also feel that there is a mystery that is difficult for people to understand, when you follow their attempts to explain what happened, perhaps that the students did not understand the lesson yet, or that the teacher He didn’t tell them the story with good focus.

We are not haters, and no one rejoices in this free bleeding of sacrifices, this is misery, and Tariq here does not fail people, but also fails himself, himself and his soldiers and everyone who attaches some hope to him, and they have the right to understand, it is your duty to explain to people, why you left the land. Why were you confused, why did all of this happen suddenly and without any new justification, to justify this game..?

Do not rush boy, wait for the coming days, you have waited three years, and you have to wait, perhaps tomorrow the results of this genius will be revealed to you, and if they are not revealed, you do not have to doubt them, and do not lose your certainty that something will happen, as if you are waiting for “Gabriel” Let him explain to you what happened, and perhaps “Ibn Zayed” to take you to another destination, and so on until the earth evaporates from under your hands, and the Houthis swallow you up again. In all cases, it is shameful that you suspect treason, that you are spiteful and may not understand politics.

It is true that what happened is not an empty movement of significance, and there must be a political desire behind it, but whatever was the benefit of what happened to the architect of this movement, the withdrawal of Tariq’s forces from the outskirts of Hodeidah, but in all its cases, it is not in the interest of the people nor the battle to restore the state And necessarily, it is in the interest of al-Houthi and all those who collude with him.

The statement of the forces there says: The goal is to open other fronts, and in fact, there is no more important front – after Marib – like Hodeidah, and its departure is not in the interest of Marib, but on the contrary it is to give al-Houthi another ecstasy. Euphoria lies when the financier wants and to his satisfaction.

The Emirates gave Tariq a margin for verbal maneuvering, and over the past years he began as if he is moving independently in drawing up his policies, but in practice, and when his policy is at stake, he does not violate the Emirates for an iota, but sometimes he does not know anything about what is being planned for his forces, and orders come to him to implement the plan and he proceeds with it With his inability to explain it to his audience.. It is said that part of these forces will be furnished by the UAE as a military base in Mayon Island, as an alternative to its base in Eritrean Assab, as its battle with the Houthis is no longer important.

It is also clear that the UAE does not care about Hodeidah, as a city and the future of its people. It wants the coasts, of course, but it does not want to clash with the Houthis there, so as not to irritate Iran, and from here it has nothing left but to change the destination, perhaps heading towards the coasts of Shabwa, as he says For some, crowding there is easy, and there is no one to be afraid of in the Emirate of Dubai in this regard. Rather, it may compensate for its withdrawal from the port of Balhaf, by pushing Tariq’s forces towards the same area, if it is true that it is their next target.

Once again, there is no kind of cunning about what happened on the coast, there is uncertainty, ambiguity that Tariq’s supporters are trying to turn into a kind of incomprehensible genius, and this is the trick of the mind when it is unable to explain a case, so it turns to metaphysical explanations and imbues it with an aura of unknown intelligence. While the truth is naked, ordinary people understand it with their first-hand sense: Tariq betrayed his people as he did it the first time.

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