Republic guards and the Houthis are racing to send invitations to the Al-Aden tribes, the main gateway to enter Ibb Governorate


Local sources in Al-Adeen districts in Ibb governorate, central Yemen, revealed that Al-Adeen tribes had received calls from the joint forces of the National Resistance – the Republican Guards and the Houthis alike, after the clashes between the militia and the joint forces reached areas adjacent to the Al-Aden districts.

The sources told “the Yemeni scene” today, Sunday, that the tribes of the three districts of Al-Aden – Hazm Al-Adeen, Al-Adeen Branch, and Al-Adin received the first call from the joint forces of the National Resistance – the Republic’s Guards, which received a popular welcome, and which invites them to stand with the forces of the Republic to get rid of the Houthis.

The sources added that the calls of the joint forces for the national resistance – the guards of the republic came in light of popular discontent with the Houthis, who turned the Ibb governorate into a basket of levies, in addition to the Houthis’ attempt to change the religious sect of the sons of Al-Adin after the introduction of many rejected Twelver heresies in the region.

The sources confirmed that the Houthis called on the people of the Al-Adeen and Al-Qafar districts to gather on the public street in the city of Al-Adeen, and called on all the people of the Ibb governorate to demonstrate in support of the Houthis in these areas, in an attempt by the militia to appear that it has popular bases in support of it in these areas.

The sons of Al-Adin districts with religious orientations against Twelver ideology and patriotism against the forward project welcome the forces of legitimacy, as well as the case of Al-Qafar district, which is dominated by the support of the General People’s Congress party in support of legitimacy, which has become known as “the wing of President Ali Abdullah Saleh”, most of whom are involved in the army forces Yemeni.

The fall of Al-Adeen and Al-Qafir districts will constitute a major setback for the Houthi militia through access to a large human stockpile capable and ready to fight the militia, the fall of the Ibb governorate, the completion of control over the governorate of Taiz, and the entry of the resistance forces into the Raymah governorate, which opposes the Houthi project intellectually and religiously, according to military analysts familiar with Yemeni society.

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