Republican decisions regarding new appointments in the Yemeni army


Today, Monday, a military source announced the issuance of republican decisions regarding new military appointments in the Yemeni army.

Colonel Rabie Al-Qurashi, in a post on his Facebook page, which was monitored by “The Yemeni Scene”, stated that republican decisions appointed Major General Heikal Hantaf as commander of the Sixth Military Region as commander of the 1st Brigade, Border Guard, instead of Major General Omar Sajaf.

He pointed out that one of them appointed Brigadier General Jamil al-Maalem as commander of the northern axis and chief of staff of the war of the 1st Brigade, border guards.

Al-Qurashi considered that the decisions aim to correct and restore hope and instill optimism among the army’s heroes.

The heroes of the Yemeni army are preparing to fight a decisive battle to defeat the Houthi rebels, end the coup and restore the capital, Sanaa.

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