Respect any party that seeks to remove “reform”


I will respect any party that seeks to remove the Islah party and the current state leaders from the political scene, provided that it replaces them in the field and the fronts, and proves its worth by confronting the Houthi militias first, and presents a political project that is an alternative even to legitimacy, so it is welcome.

As for they only want their share of the remnants of the spoils of power, and they do not have any income from the spoils, for this is called Salbat.

As for the Dushana in the media and the arenas against legitimacy and reform, we consider them to be funded efforts and the forfeiture of a duty in return for the dirhams they receive.

by the way:

I am not a reformist, and I do not believe in religious parties, in all their forms and types. I only believe in a state, a constitution, a system and a law that protects all.

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