Revealing the only option to save slavery and break its siege, and the worst scenario facing the whole of Marib


A military source revealed the only scenario to break the siege of the terrorist Houthi militia on the Abdiya district of Marib Governorate (east of the country).
The source called on the legitimate government forces to take urgent military action to control the districts of Ain and Bayhan, in Shabwa governorate, where the fall of these districts in the hands of the Houthis caused the fall of Harib and the siege of Al-Abdiyyah and the outbreak of battles in Al-Juba, south of Marib.
The source confirmed that the government forces’ control of Bayhan and Ain will lead to the opening of the suffocating siege imposed by the militia on Abdiya, and its withdrawal from Harib and all the sites that it controlled in al-Juba without a fight, because of cutting off their supplies.
According to the source, if the Houthi militia took control of Al-Abdiyyah, it would secure a supply line towards Al-Juba and Jabal Murad from the direction of Al-Bayda, Mahlia and Rahba.
The source pointed out that the fall of al-Juba would be the worst scenario that Marib would face, and that its consequences would be catastrophic for Marib residents and the displaced.

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