Ronaldo is charging his own cold room… and that’s the purpose of it


The British newspaper “The Sun” revealed that Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo shipped his cooling room from his old home in Turin, when he was with Juventus, to help him maintain his fitness.

The 36-year-old Manchester United striker spent thousands of pounds on a £50,000 ($70,000) ice bath that was moved from Italy to his rented mansion in Cheshire.

The device is used to help rehabilitate and treat human tissue, and the temperature can drop to -200 degrees Celsius.

Then, liquid nitrogen is pumped into the air surrounding the body’s cooling cylinder, and athletes can spend no more than 5 minutes maximum in the room, otherwise they will expose themselves to health risks.

A fitness fanatic, Ronaldo first started using the device in 2013 while playing for Spanish giants Real Madrid.

A source told the newspaper: “Ronaldo is meticulous in how he takes care of his body and will do anything to gain an advantage.”

The source added: “Bringing the cold room to the UK was one of his first priorities as he knows how tough the Premier League is and wants to make sure he stays at his peak fitness.”

Other footballers who prefer cryotherapy include Ronaldo’s United teammate Marcus Rashford, 23, and Real Madrid star Gareth Bale, 32.

The Leicester City stars also used cryotherapy machines when they won the Premier League in 2016.

Moving the cryotherapy room from Italy to Cheshire was no easy feat, but Ronaldo is now happy to have her here as she will help him with his post-match recovery routine.

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