“Sana’a Bank” warns the “Bank of England” the day after the release of the balances of the Central Bank of Yemen in Aden, accusing the latter of pushing towards “the brink of collapse.”


Today, Tuesday, the Sanaa Bank, run by the Houthi rebels, accused the Central Bank of Yemen in Aden of pushing the economy to the “verge of collapse.”

And he considered, in a statement briefed by “The Yemeni Scene”, the “Bank of England” move to hand over the balances of the Central Bank of Yemen – frozen with it since 2016 AD, at an amount of (82) million pounds sterling, and to grant the authority to dispose of it to the Central Bank in Aden, participating in its corruption, and facilitating its corruption. in seizing and squandering the rights and funds of banks operating in Yemen and their depositors; as he put it.

He called the “Bank of England” to use the balances deposited with it to pay part of the value of the local public debt balances owed to banks operating in Yemen before the start of the war in Yemen – and under the supervision of a third party – to enable those banks to pay part of the money of their depositors in a way that reduces its obligations and the liquidity crisis it is going through, and it alleviates the financial distress of its depositors, as well as alleviating the pressure on currency prices.

Yesterday, Monday, the Central Bank of Yemen in Aden announced the liberation of its frozen balances with the Bank of England; In a move that pushes the Yemeni riyal to recover after the accelerating collapse during the past months.

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