Sanaa is not an Iranian possession… Sanaa is only Yemeni


I still refuse that Sanaa has become a Houthi, in the ideological and psychological sense. This is a deceptive idea. Sanaa is dyed green; But it has not yet become an Iranian possession. An internal voice tells me: This is a great delusion that must be resisted. Sanaa is under the control of the Houthis; But it is not a Houthi, it is not a Houthi, and this is not a wish we are trying to uphold; Rather, that is its inner truth.

As you resist your enemy, you must be careful not to serve him unwittingly, and you warn people of his danger, you must surround his bloated image within you, you must not register Sanaa in his name, no matter how falsely he claims to possess it. How was Sanaa seven years ago..? How much is the Houthi percentage in it, according to history? Is there a group that was able to transform the perceptions of an entire people and became fused with it so easily and quickly..? Have deep and comprehensive mental and psychological transformations taken place so that the Sana’a community becomes a copy of the perishing lieutenant Hussein..?

This is an illusion. It is a superimposed image that must be imposed under siege. It is an abnormal and floating state that cannot be normalized and accepted, no matter how much you try to delude us into its reality.

Sana’a has been systematically vandalized for seven years, that’s right; But it has not changed its identity yet. Al-Houthi has not been able to dissolve it completely. This is a fact that everyone who lives in Sanaa society knows from the inside.

Do I believe these raised green slogans and deny my true self, since when was the identity of cities, a mere optical illusion, green lights and signs forcibly imposed on the streets and looted institutions.

Al-Houthi is trying to export a propaganda atmosphere that suggests that the city of “Sam” has become an exclusive area for his face, in whose name he monopolizes speaking; But he remains only the spokesman for his group, stopping any voice that disagrees with his tone, but he cannot cancel Sanaa’s parallel voice and its constant secret truth. Cities ID is not a mechanical button that can be switched in this automated way.

Any repressive group can monopolize a city and confiscate the freedom of its members; But repression is not a feasible means of ensuring a deep control over society. Silence is not an accurate measure of a city’s loyalty to you. What is happening in Sana’a is the biggest historical fraud that a limited group is trying to carry out, and we must refuse to acknowledge its wish. All that an illegitimate authority promotes about a society is its image, what it wants society to be and not what it is. This is your image, descendants of the state, and not a free expression of a feared and oppressed people.

Philosophers say: Freedom is of two types, external freedom, which means the absence of barriers for man or society to express himself, and internal freedom, your deep perception of yourself, one’s firm convictions, whether expressed or silent.

Society can renounce the exercise of its external freedom; to be safe from your tyranny; But internal freedom is something that cannot be confiscated. Internal freedom is the image of the real society, and this is the image of the repressed Sana’a, Sanaa as the existential capital of Yemenis. It is still so, static, maintaining an internal rejection with which all means of intimidation and dissolution do not work, and all attempts to alienate it from itself and remove its true image. about her.

I adhere to this conviction. The Houthi control of Sanaa is still a military and security superstructure rather than a complete asymmetry between the authority and society. This is my own interpretation, and you can consider it a sociological introspection of a certain level. It has not turned into a solid and comprehensive social and psychological control. The greater part of Sanaa still views the Houthis as an emergency, an abnormal and outcast existence, and we must keep it that way until the city regains its true identity.

Al-Houthi is trying to reshape society, but his quiet ability to engineer it is insignificant – the strength of social influence is not measured by military power and what you can impose in society – is greater than their attempt, which is our soft ability to resist that attempt to dissolve; If we are unable to defeat them militarily, we are not incapable of keeping society in a state of permanent internal rejection of them.

We are the sons of this city, its original inhabitants, and we will inherit it by God’s will and our will. The important thing is not to recognize them, and most importantly not to sleep with them.

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