Sana’a Radio officially announces the coup against “September 26”


Radio Sanaa, in its version run by the Houthi rebels, announced the coup against the eternal Yemeni September revolution.

The radio announcement came by hosting one of the new front-line guests, who, throughout his speech, seemed to oppose the twenty-sixth revolution of September 1962, and repeatedly described it as a “revolution.”

In his speech, he tried to polish the faces of his ancestors, the Hamid al-Din, and denounced the goals and achievements of the only Yemeni revolution represented by the eternal twenty-sixth of September.

The radio episode aroused astonishment and widespread Yemeni anger.

Yemenis celebrate every year on this 26th day of September, lighting the torch, commemorating and celebrating it, and holding popular carnivals on the morning of September 26th.

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