“Sana’a Unit” nets “Saqr Taiz” with a “quad” and reaches the final of the Yemeni League


The Sana’a unit won an important, valuable and broad victory over Saqr Taiz FC by four goals to qualify for the final match of the Yemeni Football League competition.

The leader’s quartet came with the feet of Ammar Al-Baydani (two goals), Abdul Rahman Al-Shami and Abdullah Al-Absi in the 51st, 71st, 85th and 4th minutes of the stoppage time match that took place at the Olympic Stadium in Sayun.

He will face Al-Wahda in the final match of the winning league of the second semi-final match, which will bring together Al-Ahly Sanaa and Fahman Abyan tomorrow, Saturday.

The Sana’a unit was strongly present, especially after it benefited from the return of its players from the Olympic and youth teams, and was determined to win and qualify.

While the falcon appeared in a good level, especially in the first half, but fell back in the second half and was late with a goal, and collapsed even more after the expulsion of his player Salman Hamida in the 68th minute, where he played with ten players and conceded three other goals.

In the first half, the two teams played a sparring attack. The falcon attacks were the most dangerous, and its striker, Moufid Jamal, could open the scoring in the 16th minute when his ball hit the right post of Al-Wahda goalkeeper Saud Al-Sawadi to miss the chance to advance for the falcon.

While the rest of the first half minutes passed without any dangerous attempts on the two goals, as the play was concentrated in the middle of the field, the first half ended in a draw without goals in light of the inability of the two teams to reach the net, perhaps due to the reservation in performance and style in most of its periods and not relying on open play for fear of No backfire.

In the second half, Al-Wahda managed to surprise the Falcon goal and shook its net in the 51st minute through the elegant full-back and the dangerous player, the star of the Olympic team, Ammar Al-Baydani, with a strong ball from the middle of Al-Saqr Stadium.

After the unit advanced with a goal and the falcon’s attempts to modify the result, the falcon player Salman Hamida dealt harshly with the player of the unit Ammar al-Baydani in the 61st minute, and the referee issued the red card in his face, so that the falcon played with ten players.

In the 66th minute, from an attack from the left side of Al-Wehda, the ball reached the elegant striker Abdul Rahman Al-Shami, who deposited it in the goal, scoring the second goal of Al-Wehda.

Al-Sager then tried to reach Al-Wahda’s goal, but his attacks were met with a solid defense by Al-Wahda, who played comfortably after scoring the second goal and could have added other goals had it not been for the poor focus.

In the 87th minute, the prominent Al-Wahda star Ammar Al-Baydani added a third goal for Al-Wahda to confirm the qualification of Al-Wahda to the final, before his colleague Abdullah Al-Absi followed him with a fourth goal in the 93rd minute, in which Al-Wahda defeated the Falcon, and the match ended with a broad victory for Al-Wahda over Al-Saqr with four clean goals.

With this victory, Al-Wahda will be the first qualifier to the league final, waiting for the winner of tomorrow’s meeting in the second semi-final, which brings together Al-Ahly Sanaa and Fahman Abyan.

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