Saudi Arabia … A falcon chick with 171 thousand Saudi riyals (photos)


The second edition of the Saudi Falcons auction witnessed a record deal, valued at 171 thousand Saudi riyals.
And SPA said that falconers sold Shaheen, a rare chick, with a price of 171 thousand Saudi riyals, in the public auction of the Saudi Falcons Club.
Bidding on the falcon started with 111 thousand riyals, to end up with its new owner, and won him at 171,000 riyals, as the falcon is of equal length to its width, 15.5 inches, and weighs 1043 grams, according to the agency.

The falcon was presented to the falconers Muhammad bin Qablan Al-Qahtani, Abdullah bin Mutahs Al-Qahtani, and Mutahs bin Muhammad Al-Qahtani, which was raised on the land of the village of Al-Mujairma in the Makkah region, known for its strategic location over which the falcons pass during their annual migration, and it is a meeting place for falconers and falconers from all over the Kingdom.

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