“Saudi Arabia” announces the localization of a new “job” that provides 8,500 job opportunities


Today, Tuesday, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia announced a new partial localization of professions in health specialties and medical devices, which, when implemented, will provide about 8,500 jobs for Saudi citizens of both sexes.

The ministry said, in a statement, that its Minister, Suleiman Al-Rajhi, issued two new decisions to localize jobs in health specialties and medical devices in all regions of the Kingdom, which will enter into force on the eleventh of April 2022.

The decision to localize jobs in health specialties includes jobs in medical laboratories, radiology, physiotherapy and therapeutic nutrition in all medical facilities operating in the Kingdom, with 60% of the total number of workers in the targeted health specialties.

The resolution also stipulated that the minimum for calculating the Emiratisation rates starts from seven thousand riyals for a specialist, and five thousand riyals for a technician.

While the decision to localize the jobs of medical devices and equipment includes the professions of sales and advertising, and the definition of medical devices by 40% during the first phase, and 80% during the second phase.

The decision also targets engineering and technical professions for medical devices in private sector establishments by 30% during the first phase, and 50% during the second phase.

The second resolution stipulated setting a minimum limit for calculating the Emiratisation rates of seven thousand riyals for engineers, specialists and holders of bachelor’s degrees, and five thousand riyals for technicians and diploma holders.

The ministry pledged to implement penalties against establishments that violate the two resolutions when they become effective next year.

The two new decisions fall within the framework of a government plan aimed at localizing jobs in the private sector and replacing expatriates with Saudi employees, which began about 20 years ago, and is still continuing as part of a government effort to reduce unemployment rates among Saudis.

Riyadh is seeking to reduce the unemployment rate among its citizens to 7 percent in the year 2030 through the settlement of many private sectors of work, which are dominated by foreign arrivals, numbering about 13 million foreigners, about nine million of whom are engaged in the labor market.

After reaching an unemployment rate of 7 percent, the Kingdom aims to raise wages for jobs in which Saudis receive salaries between 3 and 7 thousand riyals per month, which constitutes about 50 percent of the jobs held by Saudis.

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