Saudi Arabia bans 8 forms of punishment in the kingdom’s schools, no matter what the student’s mistake is


The Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has identified 8 forms of penalties that are prohibited from being used in schools, regardless of the type of error committed by students.

At the time, she clarified that among those prohibited punishments were physical or psychological abuse, and the deduction of the degree of substance or threat to it.

The punitive means prohibited to take because of their negative impact on students included the denial of eating breakfast on time, going to the toilet or drinking water, assigning the student to copy the school assignment as a punishment, and provoking him to commit the wrong behavior or push him to miss school. .

The ministry warned against ridicule and mockery of the student’s personality, and warned against collective punishment for an individual violation committed by one student, or excluding the student from the classroom as a punishment.

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