Saudi Arabia grants Lebanese Shiite thinker citizenship


The Secretary-General of the Arab Islamic Council in Lebanon, Muhammad Al-Husseini, obtained Saudi citizenship, on a list that included energy experts and religious, medical and educational figures.

Al-Husseini said: “Granting us Saudi citizenship by a generous order is a great honor and great pride that embodies the most beautiful meanings of loyalty, loyalty and belonging.”

He pointed out that Saudi Arabia is advancing at a giant pace in the development of civilization, based on Vision 2030 under the patronage of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, which includes the continuous supply of scientific and intellectual energies, in line with the Kingdom’s keenness to raise the status of human beings.

Al-Husseini stressed that granting Saudi citizenship is “loyalty, loyalty, affiliation and a responsibility that every Arab and every Muslim is proud of, and it entails on him the responsibility to preserve this precious gift.”

Al-Hussaini was known for rejecting sectarianism, supporting moderate theses, and resisting attempts to politicize the Shiite community.

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