Saudi Arabia .. One year imprisonment and a fine of 135,000 dollars, a penalty for deleting a member from the “WhatsApp” group


The Saudi legal advisor, Ahmed Ajab, confirmed that the group’s supervisor in the “WhatsApp” application, deleting one of its members, exposes him to legal accountability. If the member submits a complaint to the competent authorities; According to the newspaper, “Makkah”.
Ajab said that if the supervisor deletes a member, he may be subject to the statutory penalty stipulated in Article 3, Paragraph 5 of the Anti-Cybercrime Law, which provides for imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year, and a fine of no more than 500,000 riyals (equivalent to 135,000 dollars), If it is proven that the member was harmed by the deletion.
He added that the harm that may befall the deleted member in “WhatsApp” is often a moral and moral harm that reduces his status and degrades his position, in addition to being a kind of contempt for his person, and the harm may exceed that by avoiding others or insulting his reputation, especially with the number of some Groups in “WhatsApp” to dozens of members.
The legal advisor said that Article 3, paragraph 5, of the Anti-Cybercrime Law provides for imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year, and a fine of no more than 500,000 riyals (equivalent to 135,000 dollars), or one of these two penalties, for each person who commits any of the following information crimes Defamation and harm to others through various means of information technologies.
He pointed out that the member’s departure from the group, especially if they added him without his permission, does not entail any current or even potential harm, and therefore the possibility of legal accountability is excluded here; The presence of a legitimate justification and justification for his leaving the group, and the lack of the elements of tort responsibility.
The system for combating cybercrime in Saudi Arabia imposed a number of penalties commensurate with the gravity of each crime; In an attempt to reduce this type of crime, and among the most prominent behaviors that are classified as cybercrime in the Kingdom: unauthorized access by a person for the purpose of hacking another person’s information via the Internet, breaching credit card information, cooperating with and supporting terrorist organizations via Internet sites, blackmailing People, threatening people, in addition to defaming any person, whether he is an ordinary citizen, a politician, an artist, or anyone who wants to harm him with this act.

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