Saudi Arabia.. Warnings of a poisonous plant scattered inside and outside homes (video)


Experts in the field of plants have warned against the circulation of some types of poisonous plants inside or outside homes.

An agricultural specialist told the “120” program on the Al-Ekhbariya channel: There are many harmful plants and their toxicity varies between high and low, and that among those toxins are what affect the digestive or respiratory system or cause irritation to the skin, if the toxic amount is large.

Another specialist added that there is a plant called “Detura” that is more toxic than other plants, which is small in size and has an attractive flower in its shape, and that its toxicity is very high and spreads inside and outside homes and in nurseries.

He added that there is also a poisonous dwarf tree, and like it one of the types of Ficus benglansis external, it has toxicity in the substance it secretes, which is harmful to humans and animals.

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