Saudi Arabia warns citizens and residents of heavy thunderstorms and torrential rains in 3 regions


In its report on the weather for today, the Saudi Meteorological Center expected the continuation of moderate to heavy thunderstorms accompanied by active winds leading to torrential flows in the regions of Najran, Jizan and Asir, and the formation of rainy thunderclouds accompanied by active winds is expected on the heights of the regions of Al Baha and Makkah Al Mukarramah. Fog formed during the night and early morning hours on the central and southern parts of the eastern region, while the surface winds were active during the day, limiting the horizontal visibility over parts of Al-Jawf regions, the northern and eastern borders as well as on the coastal parts of the Medina and Makkah regions.

The report indicated that the surface wind movement on the Red Sea will be northwesterly to northwesterly at a speed of 18-38 km/h, reaching 45 km/h on the central part, and the wave height is from one to two meters. The surface wind movement on the Arabian Gulf is north to northwest at a speed of 18-40 km/h, and the wave height is from one to one and a half meters, and the state of the sea is medium.

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