Saudi newspaper: The Yemeni people are defying the Houthis and leaving all governorates for this reason


Yemenis defy the Houthis and commemorate “September 26.” Under this headline, the Saudi newspaper Al-Sharq al-Awsat said that the Yemenis defied the Houthi militia and broke the decision to ban celebrations of the anniversary of the “September 26” (1962) revolution in its areas of control, and revived this occasion in multiple ways.

The shout indicated that Yemenis gathered in the capitals of the governorates, while others commemorated on the roofs of houses, set off fireworks, set fires and sang national anthems.

The newspaper added that social networking sites have turned into arenas for celebrations and the rejection of the Houthi coup.

Yemenis commemorated the September 26 revolution, in unprecedented ways, and shared thousands of clips, pictures and patriotic songs praising the anniversary of the revolution, and wrote articles, publications and posts about the national occasion.

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