Saudi Public Security announces the overthrow of a number of violators of multiple nationalities


Today, Saturday, the Saudi Public Security announced that it had monitored a number of crimes for which the police forces were able to arrest the perpetrators.

The General Security published, on its Twitter account, a video clip, which monitors a number of these crimes, and attached it to a statement, in which it said that two violators of the residency system of Sudanese nationality were arrested, who committed crimes of collecting funds of unknown origin and transferring them outside the Kingdom in multiple ways, and they were arrested in their possession. 918 thousand riyals, and two citizens were arrested who assaulted a worker in a commercial store, and a Yemeni national violator of the border security system was arrested, and an amount of two million four hundred and fifty thousand riyals was seized, the source of which is unknown.

The statement added, according to what was published by Saudi media, that “Bangladesh violators of the residency system were arrested, who committed fraud crimes represented in stalking customers of self-service machines in one of the malls, and deceiving them to provide assistance and exploiting them by using their fingerprint to issue and activate communication chips in their names and trade.” it’.

He pointed out that the security authorities arrested residents of Jordanian and Lebanese nationalities who had robbed a commercial establishment. A citizen was also arrested who assaulted an elderly man with abusive words that contradict public morals and Islamic morals.

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