Save is near


I swear by the one who brought the morning light and breathed its lights, that my confidence in the demise of Al-Houthi is not mixed with the weight of an atom of doubt, even if there is no foothold in Yemen outside his control, for I am certain that his scramble to impose his ideas, identity, sectarianism, sanctification of himself and his bloodline, and his extravagance in insulting Islam, the Qur’an, the heaven and the Holy Prophet by linking them to him with himself and the Holy Prophet They became subject to him, the subjugation of the slaves, and that their thorn was broken, and their gathering was divided, and their members were dispersed, and the elders departed, and their commoners were subjugated, and that his Iranianness and his Jurisprudence were victorious, and the Arabism of the Arabs was defeated, and the Yemeni of the Yemenis was buried, and that he is the invincible power and the sole owner of a country and people that no one can dispute with their king, and that people believed that he is the son of heaven, the guardian of the throne, and the guardian of the throne. The message, the guardian of prophecy, the owner of religion, and the owner of the highest paradise of paradise, whoever does not follow him, his fate is the fire, and whoever does not believe in him is a blasphemous hypocrite and a mean infidel and apostate God is angry with him, and his fate is the lowest level of hell and that the crowd of Yemenis to the squares to chant his slogans and paint their skin and walls of their homes in the colors of his absurdity and in their hearts and chests what In it are the fires of hatred, volcanoes of hatred and embers of contempt for him and his false dynasty. They have become untouched by their command, a herd of mobs and backward tribes who believe in his sanctity as a messenger, and in his words as the Qur’an, and in his hadith as divine revelation, as the trumpets of his media propagate.

All this depicts to him and his followers the establishment of an order and the empowerment of a king and a divine heavenly power, while I and every Yemeni see them as factors of annihilation and not pillars of fixing a king..

They are evidence of its demise and faster than this fool can imagine, and evidence of its demise, from which no trace remains.. and the days witness between us.. and keep this for its time, and it is near..

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