Secret committees to monitor Houthi movements in all governorates ahead of a decisive battle and the threat of “Houthi” with “street war” and “incursions”


Informed sources revealed, today, Tuesday, secret committees to monitor the movements of the Houthi rebels in all Yemeni governorates, ahead of a decisive battle.

The sources stated to “The Yemeni Scene”, that secret republican committees were formed to monitor the movements of the Houthi militia leaders and the Houthis in the governorates, districts, neighborhoods, neighborhoods, isolation and villages.

The sources indicated that the monitoring will affect the supporters of the Houthi militia and the mobilizers to its ranks.

This comes as the Houthi militia has threatened citizens in the governorates under its control with street wars and storming the homes of those cooperating with the Yemeni army and the joint forces.

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