Security Belt forces arrest a drug promoter in Aden


Yesterday, Friday, the security belt forces in the capital, Aden, were able to arrest a drug dealer in the Al-Arish area of ​​Khormaksar district, east of Aden.

Where a force from the Belt Emergency Department arrested a drug trafficker near his house in the Al-Arish area of ​​Khormaksar, called “WTH.H”.

The spokesman for the Security Belt Forces added that, after interrogating the arrested person, he confessed to the location of the drugs, in one of the apartments in the Kabota area of ​​the Mansoura district, to assign a force from the Security Belt in the Eighth Sector, to raid the apartment later and find about 2 kilos of narcotic hashish hidden in a toilet the toilet.

He indicated that the seizures were seized and transferred with the arrested to the competent authorities to complete the necessary legal procedures.

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