Security in Yemen…between the eyes of Yemenis and the lens of the international observer


– By virtue of my work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and my follow-up to the file of Yemeni-American relations, I understood the different dimensions of this relationship, or I claim that I understood its determinants, and there are several axes that are governed by, of course, combating extremism and terrorism, controlling the movement of funds and controlling the financing of extremism and terrorism.

As Yemen is an unstable country that is going through exceptional circumstances and is witnessing a bloody military conflict, the movement of money and people in countries and similar situations draws the attention of major countries and international decision-makers.

At a time when eyes are fixed on satellite channels and media statements contradict, actual international attention is focused on specific issues and specific events, foremost of which, as I mentioned above, is the movement of individuals and funds as a result of military conflicts. War and conflict.

Because of the ongoing war in the country, many capitals, capabilities and projects have moved from inside Yemen to outside it, and this became clear through the formation of Yemeni communities and capital and many projects owned by Yemenis in Turkey, UAE, Egypt, Lebanon and other countries in the region and abroad, and this does not go out of the nature of The movement, human interaction and the economic trend that prevailed since the ancient past until today… There has also been a local/internal movement of capital from Sanaa and other cities to escape the effects of the conflict and its dire consequences to several places inside the country, most notably the metropolitan Marib, which has grown from a city with a population of 200,000 people to more than Two million!! Other lesser assets and sums were moved to Hadhramaut and Al-Mahra, where the war did not reach and weighed directly on those areas.

We are all watching what is happening in Marib now and the threats it is witnessing, and Marib is not just a city or an investment attraction, but rather it is a symbol, a goal, a limit and a separator for the bloody conflict in the country. Capital remains cowardly, does not depend on reassurances and flimsy promises, and tends strongly towards salvation and moving to safer and more stable places, less dangerous and crazy.

But with the movement of money and individuals, threats come and legitimate concerns appear to countries, but to the international community as a whole… and questions will be raised!! What does the threat, steadfastness or fall of Ma’rib mean for security and peace in the region and the world?!? Will the exodus of capital from it due to its instability lead to the emergence of threats to which the international community should be vigilant?!? I repeat that what I am presenting to you now are concerns that worry me and threats that I fear and fear as well as those concerned with the security of the region and those responsible for curbing the threats of extremism and terrorism that may emerge from it and affect its surroundings … I do not predict anything and do not expect steadfastness or fall as much as I want to warn of instability And the sudden movement and displacement of people due to security threats and instability, not only to Yemen, but to the region and the world around us. Peace in Yemen is a goal that must be achieved and in a way that guarantees the interests of all and coexistence among them and everyone who risks the security of Yemen and the region and thinks that the matter is just a game that can be prolonged. Extend it or shorten it according to whims, desires and interests, as his thinking is short and does not understand the deeper picture and does not see the farthest scene. Taking advantage of our capabilities, our location, and our geographical and strategic advantages, we will continue to be a cause of concern and apprehension from the international community, which will not differentiate between a victim and a perpetrator, but will see this part of the world as a focus of a threat that must be addressed. Avoiding the evils that come from it at any cost and by any means, regardless of what this means for its inhabitants and those fighting against it from among its children…

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