See in pictures a rare case.. The birth of a child without upper or lower limbs in Ibb Governorate


People close to a newborn child in Ibb Governorate, central Yemen, circulated pictures of a recently born child without upper and lower limbs.

The child’s uncle, Fathallah, said. His nephew Fathallah Hafez Abdu Al-Wael, who belongs to the Nadera area in Ibb governorate, was born without upper or lower limbs, saying, “There is no objection to the creation of God Almighty.”

He added that the newborn, Fathallah, requires great health and psychological care that exceeds the capabilities of his parents, which requires benefactors to help his father.

He stressed that the condition of the newborn is similar to that of the head of the Life Organization “Nicholas”, who has become one of the world’s leading inspirers, expecting God to have a prosperous future.

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